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Walter Colton Middle School believes in the C.O.L.T.S. Behavior Expectations. These expectations are school wide and are applicable at sporting events, practices, and within our community.

Cooperation with Everyone
On time and Ready
Listen and Learn Actively
Treat the Environment Responsibly
Speak and Act Respectfully

Cooperation with Everyone: Our athletes will cooperate with Coaching staff, Administration, Teachers and Staff, as well as help with equipment, peer support, and be a positive member of our community.
On time and Ready: Our athletes will be on time, ready for practice and games. This means reporting early, dressed in a clean uniform, and being mentally ready to give 100% effort.
Listen and Learn Actively: Our athletes will be active listeners and learners. Athletes will not be allowed to play in games unless their GPA is at or above a 2.0 at any time. Should an athlete’s GPA drop below a 2.0 between reporting periods, athletes will be placed on probation and required to attend tutorial (when provided). Athletes are encouraged to become students of the game. Sports can provide students with transferable skills that are applicable in classroom and in the work place. A complete athlete studies hard in practice, in school, and at home.
Treat the Environment Responsibly: Our athletes will be responsible in all environments, at WCMS and at other sites. This includes proper behavior in the locker room, on the bus to and from events, as well as the team events.
Speak and Act Respectfully: Our athletes will be respectful of coaches, referees, parents, and other athletes. Unsportsmanlike conduct is taken very seriously at Walter Colton and any misbehavior will be immediately reported to Coaches and Administration.