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Why teachers work at Colton!

During the first workday teachers were asked about the reason they choose to work in education. Here are some of the responses.

We believe we can make a difference in the lives of our students.
We believe our students are more capable then their wildest imagination!
We teach because we care and connect with the lives of the students.
Students don't want to learn until they know that you care about them and the subject you teach.
Students will believe in what they are doing if the teacher is sincere.
We believe that success is attainable for all students.
Students don't buy into what we do; they buy into why and how we do it.
We love to work with kids and make better connections with their world.
Students want to know the people they see care for them.
We are passionate for what we do and how students learn.
We choose to help other achieve their sense of wonder.
We challenge students to make themselves better people; more whole and human.
We allow students to be engaged in what is around them.
We care for those who are not 'valued' by the world around them.
We give students something that they can use to make their community a better place.