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Middle Years Programme (MYP)

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Our Mission

Walter Colton Middle School is committed to developing and empowering open-minded, lifelong learners who recognize their common humanity and help create a better, more peaceful world. We achieve this through innovative, inspiring, rigorous, academic programs which promote respect for the individual, importance of community and appreciation of cultural diversity.


Our Philosophy

Walter Colton Middle School is an International Baccalaureate School with a Middle Years Program that exposes students to varied experiences through which they learn that all knowledge is interrelated.  Our students have the opportunity to utilize their strengths through which they gain a sense of personal achievement. The curriculum is respectful and responsive to different perspectives of all of our students and also guides them in forming their own global outlook through real-world issues. We emphasize communication skills in language including the mother tongue, a world language, and in all subjects. Collectively, we seek to shift from teacher-centered instruction to student-led learning. Through discovering an awareness of their own learning process, students develop skills to continue learning throughout life.